Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Dogs

This is a picture of my newest Border Collie Molly. Molly as a puppy, Feb. 2010

Molly August, 2010.

This is our Buster. He is also a Border Collie. We got Buster when he was a puppy, and he is now
8 years old, that's 56 years old to you and me. However, he keeps on herding like he was the energizer bunny.

Best friends,

Shakespeare and Daisy.

This is Shakespeare. He is my daughters dog. They both live here on the farm. All the animals on the farm have a job, and his is to catch flies inside the house. It is a natural talent, and he is very good at it. He is a good dog and a pretty boy too.

This is Daisy. She is the baby of the house. And why not, just look at that cute little face. At one point in time, Dachshunds were bred as badger hunters. Daisy must be doing a good job at hunting badgers, because I have not seen one badger around here at all.

As of now, that is all the dogs that live here on the farm.


  1. baaaaa....Is Buster teaching Molly yet?...or is it instinct?

  2. Love them all But Molly is my favorite People next
    door had one it was Black and White...
    Yes Herding a natural instinct our Queenland love
    herding the other Critters..

    Prim Blessings